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What is Cloud Token?

Cloud Token is a feature rich mobile application installed on your mobile phone (Android or IOS). Cloud Token was developed using the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology.

While most crypto projects are based on the Ethereum Blockchain, the Cloud Token app relies on an in-house blockchain solution. This technology is called AURAE. Some will know the Bit Beta System (BBS). The Bit Beta System (BBS) was developed by Ronald Aai and is a blockchain solution for smartphones.

The basic function of this application is a digital purse (wallet), in which various crypto currencies can be stored in one place.
The Cloud Token wallet is directly linked to a trading bot (Jarvis).
The JARVIS AI bot is based on the JAROOM decision-making principle.
VAROOM is a mathematical formula that uses countless indicators to decide whether to buy or sell or not.
The bot is so smart that it's nearly impossible to lose. Among other things, the bot also uses arbitrage trading.
Arbitrage trading means that no losses are possible, only profits!

Currently, this bot earns monthly bonuses of 6-12%.
The bonuses are paid daily with CTO tokens directly to the partner's wallet. Cloud Token is confident of future dynamic growth and a steady increase in the CTO price.
The CTO tokens can be exchanged at any time in ETH (Ethereum).

Technology behind Cloud Token (Part 1 und Part 2)
Part 1 (6 min)
Part 2 (5 min)

  •   Over 850000 users in over 150 countries (as of August 19).

  •   Get CTO tokens by simply holding BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, TUSD, USDT, DOGE and many more!

  •   Bonus payouts starting from the first day (6-12% per month for deposits in the Jarvis trading bot).

  •   Daily payout of the bonuses to the Wallet (Wallet).

  •   All bonuses are paid in Cloud tokens (CTO) The token value could rise from $ 0.30 to $ 30 over the next 12 months. (Price development CloudToken)

  •   Payouts and exchanges of CTO tokens to ETH (Ethereum) are possible 24/7.

  •   Transparency: Your crypto currencies are on your wallet addresses and nowhere else (The wallet addresses can be checked with the respective block explorer at any time). Transactions and trades are traceable via the blockchain (Proof).

  •   Trading over 200 bots (crypto-currency pairs) on 32 exchanges.

  •   External access to your cryptos with the "Private Key".

  •   No membership fees and no contracts.

  •   The funds are always liquid.

  •   The Cloud Token app is available in the Apple APP Store and the Google Play Store.

  •   Registered company, real people, latest technology, lucrative business plan.

  •   Lucrative recommendation program over 21 levels! (Partner Program)

  •   As of August 2019, debit cards are planned for verified accounts.

  •   Worldwide available!


The "makers" behind Cloud Token

If you look at Cloud Token, we'll quickly find the name Ronald Aai. Ronald Aai is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) behind Cloud Token.
He also has the technical responsibility for Bit Beta System (BBS) - a company that develops the 4th generation blockchain.
Ronald is a successful entrepreneur and has successfully built several Internet businesses early in his career. He has developed new technologies for social media, payment, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telecommunication systems, IOT solutions and blockchain technology. Ronald holds several patents under his name related to the development of mobile software.
Its goal is to build a networked society based on cost-effective devices using efficient system designs that allow it to connect and communicate with the world. (Ronald Aai on Facebook).

Matthew Suen
Matthew Suen is the technical director at Cloud Token.
Matthew is a collaborative, Swiss-trained entrepreneur with proven work experience in six countries.
With his global perspective and active participation in futurism innovation and technology business events, including within the blockchain industry, Matthew brings his essence of the international background to the team through network, creativity and engagement.

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